Meet Our Ambassadors

Learn more about our ambassadors and athletes.

Performance Ambassadors

Bryant Goh is a Sports Science Degree Graduate and a Physical Education (P.E) Teacher teaching in International School. He focuses on biomechanics and has published a scientific paper on Running Performance. 

Bryant Goh is the newly appointed lead for Brooks Run Club Malaysia (2022)

Jeff Lim is a track runner who focuses on 800M – 1500M in athletics events. He participated in many local track meets and possesses great experience racing among the best in Malaysia. He even went to train in Kenya for a few months to elevate his performance in running fast.

Santos is a talented runner who was born in South Sudan but raised in Uganda. With his African genetics, he makes running fast looks easy. Moreover, his presence is able to elevate the overall running performance of the group.

Shane Loo is currently a student studying in High School. He has participated in many of his school competitions and achieved good results as a fast runner. He continued to play the role of a student-athlete who excels in both academics and sports.

Community Ambassadors

Rahim Rahimi is a certified coach under National Coaching Academy (NCA). He is currently providing group coaching on running to the public.

His achievements include being a Sub-3 Marathoner with his Marathon Personal Best at 2:47:18. Moreover, Rahim is also the Captain of the AirAsia Running Club where he is conducting running coaching to help individuals to be better at running.

On top of that, Rahim has several achievements in multiple running events such as:

  • Great Malaysia Marathon 21KM 2019 – Champion
  • Abbott WMM Tokyo Marathon 2019 completed at 2:57:58.
  • 4x Gold Coast Marathon Australia Experience (Best at 2:54) 

Coaching Qualification: 

  • NCLS Athletics Level I (License C) Coach
  • Kids’ Athletics Trainer
  • World Athletics Level 1 (U-16) Coach

Tamilalagaan is known as Coach Tamil to the community. He is passionate about his community fitness training with the goal to help individuals of all ages improve their running. 

He shares running-related knowledge and experience gained from being part of the FitMalaysiaX as an intern. His PB for 10KM run was at 00:36:14.

Tamil has several achievements in multiple running events such as:

  • Ultron Healthier Run 2019 – Champion
  • MEDGELX Run 2020 – 1st Runner Up
  • Budi 10KM Run – 2nd Runner Up

National Coaching Certification Scheme (SPKK): 

  • Sports Science Level I

Shamirul is an avid hiker who explore trail runs and enjoy the outdoors. 

He decided to take up Duathlon as his new hobby to enjoy the run, ride and run. 

Shamirul also possesses a Post-Graduate Diploma in Teaching and he is currently a Physical Education (P.E) Teacher in an International School.

Shamirul has several achievements under his belt:

  • Coached students in International Competitions under The Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISIA).
  • Coached students involved in Athletics, Swimming, Basketball & Football

Sport Science/ Coaching Qualification: 

  • Sports Science Degree Holder
  • Kids’ Athletics Trainer

Kah Mun started running in 2014. Running has inspired her to continuously improve herself, over the limits and embrace challenges. 

She hopes to share her experience and reach out to more like-minded people together to enjoy the fun of running while pursuing her goal of competing in international marathons and duathlons in the near future.

Kah Mun has several achievements in multiple running events such as:

  1. Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2014 (10KM) – 7th Place
  2. PJ Half Marathon 2016 (21KM) – 1st Runner Up
  3. Kuching Marathon 2016 (21KM) – 4th Place
  4. Penang Bridge International Marathon 2015 – 9th Place (Malaysian)
  5. PJ Half Marathon 2014 (10KM) – 1st Runner Up

Wee Jyeh hails from Sarawak and she has been active throughout her high school and university life. Running motivated her to achieve little by little in all aspects of life, and she believed that being active has tons of benefits such as a stronger physique, being socially happy and mentally healthy. 

Wee Jyeh is good at conducting group exercises and lighting up the beat to make the pain sweat worthy. 

On top, Wee Jyeh has several achievements in multiple running events such as:

  1. AIA Centennial Challenge 2019 – Champion
  2. Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2017 (10KM) – 6th Place
  3. Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2016 (10KM) – 6th Place

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2017 (10KM) – 8th Place

Hui Jin is an avid runner who joined many running events and participated in many disciplines including road, ultra, trails, cycling and triathlon. 

She has been one of the many who completed the Abbott WMM Tokyo Marathon in the year 2016. 

It has been 10 years since she took up running thus making her inspire more people to take up running slowly but surely!

On top, Hui Jin has several achievements under her belt:

  1. Kenanga Triathlon Series Putrajaya 2022 – 5th Place 
  2. L’ETAPE Malaysia by Tour De France 2022 (Team) – Champion
  3. Jerantut Nature Ride 2022 – 4th Place

Brooks Athletes

Siva has been a Brooks Ambassador for 5 years.

Siva’s vision is to qualify for the SEA Games and being a podium winner by breaking his 10KM and 21KM category. He has participated in numerous prestigious running events such as the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2015 (1st Placing for 10KM Category) &t 2019 (2nd Placing for 21KM Category), Standard Chartered KL Marathon 2019 (3rd Placing for 21KM Category), SUKMA 2016 (4th Placing in 5000M)

Pavithra has been a Brooks Ambassador since 2020. Her inspiration of running is through his coach which is also her source of motivation to keep on running. Pavithra is also a track and field runner in which she has participated in the KL Open 2018 in 1st Placing, SUKMA Perak 2018 in 1st Placing, SUKMA Sarawak 2016 in 2nd Placing, SUKSES 2017 at 1st Placing for 3000M steeplechase and 5000M respectively. On top of that, Pavithra is also actively running in road races such as the Seremban Half Marathon 2017 landing herself at 1st Placing in the 21KM Category. She was also the winner for KL International Run 2018 in the 10KM Category as well just to name a few.

Avinashwer, our newly appointed Brooks Ambassador. He is a silver medallist in boys 800M MSSM 2019 and gold medallist in boys 800M, MSSM 2020. His highest achievement was winning the 4th placing in Men’s 800M Malaysian Close with his new personal best at 1:52:70. On top of that, we are at Brooks Malaysia is also proud to say that Avinashwer is also a gold medallist for boys 800M for the year 2017, 2018 and 2019 MSS, Selangor.

Puspa, joined in our Brooks Ambassador program in May 2021. She is a Track & Field athlete competing for 5000M and 1500M respectively. She has won numerous competitions namely the ASEAN school games Singapore and Sea Youth Philippines in 5th placing for both competitions. She has also won the MSSM Track & Field with 1 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze while winning 1st place in the 5000M and 2nd place in 1500M in the MALAYSIA Open. In the SIPMA 2019 (Sukan Institusi Pendidikan Malaysia), Puspa has won 1st placing in the 3000M and 2nd placing in 1500M respectively.

Padhmaloshini, our latest addition to Brooks Ambassador has proven to be one of our shinning stars. Her biggest achievements were in the MSSM 2019 where she has won 3 Gold medals in the 800M, 1500M and 4x400M relay. She has also broken her previous records in both individual races. Padhmaloshini won the Bronze medal in 1500M at SUKMA 2018, Perak and a silver medal in 1500M in ASEAN School Games 2019, Semarang, Indonesia. Padhmaloshini goals is to become a SEA Games winner and achieve her Personal Best during the game.