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A good run starts with good shoes.
And good shoes start with great tech.

Every experience has its own technology

At Brooks, our goal is to make the best running gear on the planet. We’re runners ourselves, and our innovation and technology are driven by real runner insights and real-world testing. Whether you’re a weekend jogger or a distance competitor, want support or cushion, an ultra-light shoe or a mud-ready trail-running shoe, we work tirelessly to give you the perfect run.

Our Softest Cushioning

Two words describe our latest iteration of midsole cushioning: Plush protection. Smooth and soothing, DNA LOFT is our softest feel and ride. It instantly adapts to your individual stride, weight and speed to offer a heightened sense of protection without sacrificing responsiveness or durability.

  1. DNA LOFT is a blend of three elements — EVA, rubber and air — to create a long-lasting, smooth and ultra-soft feel underfoot.
  2. Brooks DNA is cushioning that adapts to your every unique stride. The addition of rubber adds longevity, ensuring the softness lasts the lifetime of the shoe. And incorporating air decreases the material’s weight.
  3. A smarter take on a plush running shoe, DNA LOFT is engineered to be lightweight and runnable yet ultra-soft, without the worry of bottoming out.
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Our most responsive cushioning

DNA AMP is an innovative cushioning system that returns maximum energy with minimum delay. As force is applied downward, the shoe absorbs the impact then “firms up” to precisely redirect the energy upward. What results is a responsive running foundation that’s unique to each runner and ideal for a comfortable push-off, step after step.

  1. DNA AMP is an engineered polyurethane (PU) system with incredible energy return and a springy feel underfoot
  2. PU has great elastic properties and isn’t subject to change in hot or cold temperatures
  3. We manufacture DNA AMP by encasing our proprietary PU blend into a thermoplastic urethane (TPU) skin, enhancing its ability to return energy and increasing its durability
  4. When you run on DNA AMP, it feels super smooth and responsive thanks to its unique construction that allows the shoe to adapt to your gait, weight and stride
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This nitrogen-infused cushioning offers adaptive energy return.

We worked with elite pro marathoners such as Des Linden (2018 Boston Marathon Champ), to develop the Hyperion collection. The race-ready Hyperion Elite combines DNA ZERO, our lightest cushioning ever, with a carbon fiber plate designed to propel you forward. The Hyperion Tempo, designed with training in mind, features ultralight nitrogen-infused DNA FLASH cushioning that responds to your body and allows you to train hard, recover well, and train hard again.

  1. New nitrogen-infused cushioning, DNA FLASH
  2. Carbon Fiber Propulsion Plate for fast transitions
  3. Inherently stable design helps you conserve energy

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